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Human Evidence Composition closure of G85016IG via G91902ZT EdwardsLab

Molecular Weight

UnderivitizedMW 342.1162117 EdwardsLab

Monosaccharide Counts

MonosaccharideCount 2 EdwardsLab
MonosaccharideCount 2 GlyTouCan

Cross Reference

MonosaccharideDB 10 EdwardsLab
GlyTouCan GlyTouCan
PubChem GlyTouCan


FullyDetermined G16715AO, G52896CF GNOme
Level Saccharide GNOme
MissingScore 349 GNOme
SubsumedBy GNOme
Subsumes GNOme

Glycan Structure

FullyDetermined EdwardsLab
ReducingEnd Hex, Man EdwardsLab
UndeterminedTopology EdwardsLab