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ShortUniCarbKB HexNAc1Hex3 EdwardsLab


Human Evidence Subsumption of G00049MO
Subsumption of G00061MO
Subsumption of G00069MO
Subsumption of G00070MO
Subsumption of G05212BT
Subsumption of G14543IY
Subsumption of G21856LC
Subsumption of G24499XE
Subsumption of G25894QG
Subsumption of G40585SO
Subsumption of G45827GY
Subsumption of G48059CD
Subsumption of G50354DO
Subsumption of G53498SO
Subsumption of G56873WT
Subsumption of G57710SU
Subsumption of G58429RC
Subsumption of G58896AZ
Subsumption of G61664CH
Subsumption of G62097SF
Subsumption of G64315DN
Subsumption of G71568XK
Subsumption of G82930TB
Subsumption of G88227QI
Subsumption of G88469YE
Subsumption of G99312NX
Rat Evidence EdwardsLab
SARS Evidence EdwardsLab

Molecular Weight

PermethylatedMW EdwardsLab
UnderivitizedMW GlyTouCan


GlycanSubtype Glycosphingolipid ganglio series Subsumption:G00071MO
GlycanSubtype O-linked core 1 Subsumption:G42051BB
GlycanSubtype Subsumption:G00012MO
GlycanSubtype Glycosphingolipid mollu series Subsumption:G00015MO
GlycanSubtype Glycosphingolipid globo series Subsumption:G00061MO
GlycanSubtype Subsumption:G00070MO
GlycanType Subsumption:G00027MO
GlycanType Subsumption:G42051BB

Monosaccharide Counts

HexCount EdwardsLab
HexNAcCount 1 EdwardsLab
MonosaccharideCount 4 EdwardsLab

Cross Reference

GNOme G08590QR GNOme
GlyTouCan GlyTouCan


Descendant G00012MO, G00015MO, G00027MO, G00049MO, G00061MO, G00069MO, G00070MO, G00071MO, G00072MO, G00407UJ, G01182BO, G02065HZ, G02402HF, G03081TH, G04941YC, G05212BT, G05357CB, G05793ZC, G06564PT, G06799HZ, G07227QC, G07288VN, G08640KF, G08772KU, G09023OT, G09494DM, G09858SO, G10012HK, G10191TO, G10594VF, G11042HO, G11327SW, G11348GW, G12098WW, G12472DC, G12630GO, G12951CM, G13367QQ, G13455RE, G13769ML, G14543IY, G14551OF, G14632ZD, G14746EI, G15068EX, G15195YB, G15216HY, G17202MP, G17844FX, G18495ED, G18600NI, G19926LY, G19933EP, G19979XJ, G20744UW, G21295FZ, G21802LM, G21856LC, G23069WI, G24499XE, G24832AK, G24888RV, G25292PE, G25894QG, G25944NG, G26602MZ, G27314PN, G28947UJ, G29201DC, G29824BS, G32665EN, G32791GB, G32930BG, G34962RK, G37038OF, G37181DS, G38428IO, G39074KN, G39402EG, G39948CQ, G40585SO, G40866TN, G41702OS, G41816DB, G41869MU, G41943XV, G42051BB, G42719PT, G43248VC, G43957HJ, G44029SF, G44645PM, G44850HT, G44911UJ, G45827GY, G45850GE, G47270FQ, G48059CD, G48576DC, G49958GL, G50354DO, G50530BS, G51000ET, G52701KY, G52725AC, G53355NA, G53498SO, G53509NM, G53892NW, G54429MF, G55080WT, G55582YT, G55943II, G56181LZ, G56667RT, G56873WT, G57710SU, G58429RC, G58896AZ, G60268QL, G60919EU, G61664CH, G62097SF, G63560NE, G63610QZ, G63833WU, G64223CQ, G64272SY, G64315DN, G64400CB, G64642LS, G65303YU, G65338GP, G65774LN, G66131WK, G66375ZI, G67053DJ, G67116TA, G67266TJ, G67808LV, G68044QW, G69658QM, G70888IM, G71568XK, G73873TD, G74063JC, G74076XX, G74394BJ, G75479GA, G75762RH, G77160RX, G77186TD, G79031AA, G80016QG, G80494PJ, G81245YS, G81647RY, G82526KT, G82558IX, G82930TB, G83488LL, G84513VG, G84623DV, G84787BT, G85084IW, G86170TS, G87067NW, G87605NV, G87823LR, G88227QI, G88435BP, G88469YE, G88641OF, G88752GW, G89827NJ, G90469OY, G92100BX, G93474IT, G93902TR, G94173VC, G95760DN, G95971HW, G96679AF, G97048GO, G97992HW, G99108NC, G99218JM, G99312NX, G99415BV, G99560EQ GNOme
FullyDetermined GNOme
Saccharides G00012MO, G00015MO, G00027MO, G00049MO, G00061MO, G00069MO, G00070MO, G00071MO, G00072MO, G00407UJ, G02402HF, G03081TH, G04941YC, G05212BT, G05357CB, G05793ZC, G06564PT, G06799HZ, G07288VN, G08772KU, G09023OT, G09494DM, G10191TO, G10594VF, G11042HO, G11327SW, G11348GW, G12472DC, G13367QQ, G13455RE, G14543IY, G14551OF, G14632ZD, G14746EI, G15068EX, G15195YB, G17844FX, G18495ED, G18600NI, G19926LY, G19979XJ, G20744UW, G21295FZ, G21802LM, G21856LC, G24499XE, G24832AK, G25292PE, G25894QG, G25944NG, G26602MZ, G28947UJ, G32665EN, G32791GB, G32930BG, G34962RK, G38428IO, G39074KN, G39402EG, G39948CQ, G40585SO, G41702OS, G41869MU, G42051BB, G42719PT, G43957HJ, G44645PM, G44850HT, G45827GY, G45850GE, G48059CD, G48576DC, G50354DO, G52701KY, G53355NA, G53498SO, G54429MF, G55080WT, G56181LZ, G56873WT, G57710SU, G58429RC, G58896AZ, G60268QL, G60919EU, G61664CH, G62097SF, G63560NE, G63610QZ, G64223CQ, G64272SY, G64315DN, G64400CB, G64642LS, G65303YU, G65338GP, G65774LN, G66131WK, G67053DJ, G67116TA, G67808LV, G68044QW, G69658QM, G70888IM, G71568XK, G73873TD, G74394BJ, G75479GA, G75762RH, G77160RX, G80016QG, G80494PJ, G81245YS, G82526KT, G83488LL, G84513VG, G84787BT, G85084IW, G86170TS, G87605NV, G87823LR, G88227QI, G88435BP, G88469YE, G88641OF, G88752GW, G90469OY, G92100BX, G93474IT, G93902TR, G94173VC, G95760DN, G96679AF, G97992HW, G99108NC, G99218JM, G99312NX, G99560EQ GNOme
Subsumes GNOme
Topologies G01182BO, G02065HZ, G07227QC, G08640KF, G09858SO, G10012HK, G12098WW, G12951CM, G13769ML, G15216HY, G19933EP, G23069WI, G24888RV, G27314PN, G29201DC, G29824BS, G37038OF, G37181DS, G41816DB, G41943XV, G43248VC, G44029SF, G44911UJ, G50530BS, G51000ET, G52725AC, G53892NW, G55582YT, G55943II, G56667RT, G63833WU, G66375ZI, G67266TJ, G74063JC, G74076XX, G77186TD, G79031AA, G81647RY, G82558IX, G84623DV, G89827NJ, G95971HW, G97048GO, G99415BV GNOme

Glycan Structure

Composition true EdwardsLab
FullyDetermined EdwardsLab