Glycosphingolipid Classification

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Glycosphingolipid classification based on: GlycoMotif Glycosphingolipid Classification motifs.

Glycosphingolipid isoglobo series 129
Glycosphingolipid muco series 91
Glycosphingolipid arthro series 18
Glycosphingolipid mollu series 52
Glycosphingolipid gala series 184
Glycosphingolipid lacto series 1189
Glycosphingolipid neo-lacto series 1394
Glycosphingolipid ganglio series 551
Glycosphingolipid globo series 152
Glycosphingolipid, no subtype 0
Glycosphingolipid, multiple subtypes 964
All Glycosphingolipid 2559